The creator

Mohamed Zennan - Designer and manufacturer of everyday objects.. zennan.png

It is in the fishing village M'Diq, of Spanish influence, Where Mohammed Zen Nan spent his first years, before living among the artisans of the medina of Tetouan, then in the Rif with his grandparents .

In 1986, he arrived in Paris, followed carpentry studies and trained in the manufacture of contemporary furniture alongside cabinetmakers, before excelling in the computer and multimedia field.

It was only when he returned to Morocco in 2008 that he decided to reconnect with the art professions. He took part in renovation projects and riad decoration and created his first collection of objects, inspired by the most diverse materials: leather, wood, iron, silver, copper, ceramics ...

Hervé Bichet - Artist and designer 


with multitudes of colors, materials, abstract lines and even media! For more than 20 years, Hervé Bichet has been creating abstract works, drawings, sculptures, paintings ... and prolifically creating without ever worrying about the result.

All his works are related to the nature and the material that he combines with various techniques to innovate.

Residing in Tangier since 2007, it is after lively exchanges and projects with Mohammed that he decides to design and manufacture decorative objects.  

The shop

boutique de décoration Tanger

The address is still confidential but will not remain so for a long time. In an alley of the Kasbah, under the Morocco Club towards Dar Nour, discover the new Home Orient boutique and its collection of furniture, carpets and other decorative items.

Marhaba bikoum !

Boutique Kasbah 

65 rue Ain Hayyani
Résidence Hiba, Dradeb
90 000 Tanger
Open 7 days a week from 9.30am to 7pm.